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Turf Screw Socket & Cap

£48.75 ex VAT

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Designed where concrete is not possible or as a preferred method of installation, the turf screw provides a strong socket style solution. Complete with caps to take 50mm, 42mm and 38mm poles.

500m long

Made from galvanised steel

1 socket with 3 collars to take 50mm, 42mm and 38mm uprights.

Drop in socket cap

What is Included

  • 1 Screw
  • 3 Collars
  • 1 Socket Cap


Q: What is a Turf Screw?

A: The Turf Screw is a unique Harrod UK product that was designed as a strong socket style solution for where concrete is not possible. It can be used as a preferred method of installation for systems needing to be dismantled easily. IMPORTANT - Not to used for goal posts.