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Bat Repair Services

Bat Repair Services

We can provide a wide range of bat repair services including. Please contact us with any of your needs. We are always happy to provide advise. 


  • Re-Handle
  • Split Toe Repair
  • Cracked Edges
  • Clean up (including sanding and re-grip)
  • Bat modification (e.g. weight reduction, re-balance)
  • Ready to play’ (Oil and knocking-in)

Please contact us with any of your needs. We are always happy to provide advise.

Some Typical Problems we have seen.........................

Bat Problems Handles

Broken Handles occur either through natural wear & tear or a fault with the cane. The handle is a huge stress point when playing a stroke and naturally over time will deteriorate. Normal signs of problems are that the bats looses its power/drive.

There are common problems: either the handle has fractured resulting in a replacement handle; or the rubber spring inserts have become loose which results in a handle re-fix

Blade Split in 2 Horizontally

This is normally due to bats being made from storm damaged willow, whereby the young trees sway considerably in bad storms causing fibre fractures within the heart of the wood that is undetectable during manufacture. Sometimes the blade will split completely in 2 when first used or after some use.

This is a natural undetectable occurrence that could happen to any bat and the bat is normally replaced free of charge if in warranty

Blade Surface Cracks

Through general wear & tear the face of the blade will naturally deteriorate. Remember you use a new ball every game, but use the same bat. The blade is a natural substance and like any natural piece of wood will damage after constant hitting of a hard leather ball at speeds in excess of 100mph at the point of contact. Ensure to monitor the surfacing cracking and once it starts to become loose and starts making a slightly different sound when hitting the ball, return it for repair. You can generally aid the life by using specialised repair tapes, but this will only superficially repair the damage. We recommend you have your bat serviced once a year as you would your car.

Edge Damage

Unfortunately all damage to the edge is down to a bad shot and all bats are designed to be hit in the centre of the blade where maximum performance is achieved. Like anything if an edge is hit where there is least surface areas it is only a matter of time until damage is occurred. Obviously the more you mis-time your shots the more damage you are going to get.

If the cracking starts to get deep and or starts to dislodge any of the edge return the bat immediately for inspection. The longer you play with a damaged bat the shorter the life of your bat.

Toe Damage

Toe damage usually occurs whilst striking Yorker type deliveries or hitting the crease constantly on artificial surfaces. Striking through Yorkers can split the toe end of the bat, so be careful and try and block Yorkers, especially indoors when the surfaces are harder. Splits in the toe cannot really be attributed to a fault in the wood, so please be carefully. If you do start to get a split in the toe return it immediately so the area can be treated before it splits right through beyond use.

Moisture Damage

Do not leave you bat out in damp conditions for any long period of time as your blade will act as a sponge and soak any moisture into the blade and cause it to swell. In damp playing conditions do not tap the toe of the bat on the crease, especially on artificial carpets as the toe will swell. Simply tap the bat in the address position on your foot.

If you do get moisture damage do not force dry the swollen area as the damp area will split causing even further damage to your bat. If the moisture is in the toe area rest the toe on a surface and lightly mallet some of the moisture out and thereafter lightly sand the area. If this does not work you will need to return the bat for repair. If the moisture damage is in the face we suggest you return the bat as you may damage the playing face sanding any damage out yourself. Natural drying is also likely to cause the blade to split, but not to the same extent as force drying.

Shoulder Cracks

Shoulder cracks occur near the handle/blade joint (splice) and happen through natural wear & tear. Usually once a blade starts to crack in this region the bat is unrepairable and the crack will continue to lengthen until unusable. It is then time to purchase a new bat.

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