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SpingBall - Revolutionary Batting Coaching Aid

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The revolutionary new batting coaching ball has arrived - The Spingball is perfect for batting coaching and a great addition to wicket keeping drills as well

  • Simulating spin and swing for batting throw downs.
  • Useful in simulating a wide range of batting conditions.
  • With SpingBall you can produce in-swing, out-swing, off-spin, leg-spin, right-arm and left-arm bowling variations.


For the first time cricket coaches can now use Spingball to support the coaching of batsmen on how to play swing or spin. The ball consistently provides either away swing, in swing, off spin or leg spin.

  • The SpingBall is a revolutionary practice tool for cricket batting and wicket-keeping.
  • It is a synthetic ball with special aerodynamics and physical characteristics.
  • It swings in the air and deviates off the surface when it is thrown straight.
  • With SpingBall its easy to replicate any kind of variation
  • SpingBall does not need an expert bowler to throw.
  • Anybody can throw SpingBall and create variations consistenlty
  • It can be used on any playing surface
  • This unique innovation is designed to develop reflexes, hand eye coordination, foot work and timing of batsman.
  • Note: Colours May Vary