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Spikeball Pro Set

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The Spikeball Pro Set is the official tournament set of the Spikeball Roundnet Association. 

Spikeball is a fun, active and competitive game that has been called a combination of volleyball and four square.

Not only is it extremely easy on the eyes, the Spikeball Pro Set has all the bells & whistles that the competitive, higher level Spikeball player is looking for.

The official Spikeball Pro kit brings fun for the whole crew and is perfect for backyards, beaches and parks so you can play anywhere, anytime!

The sturdier body design improves play by keeping the set stable and the net taught during the harshest plays. With non-slip rubber coating on the legs ensures your game stays put on all surfaces, even indoors. 

The Pro Balls have a new material as well as added texture to help players add top spin on their smashes, and back spin on their drop shots.

To ensure your balls keep proper air pressure, an air pump and gauge are supplied as no one likes playing with under inflated balls..

Lastly, you can bring your full game with you as a durable and lightweight backpack finishes the set off perfectly. Featuring padded shoulder straps and a storage pocket for all of your necessities.


  • 33% Stronger design gives a more stable playing surface.
  • Non slip rubber coated legs and feet to reduce slip.
  • Added texture give Pro Balls more spin & control.
  • Large durable and lightweight backpack for easy transportation.
  • Suitable to play on all surfaces in any location.

Set Includes

  • 1 x Spikeball Pro Frame and Net.
  • 2 x Spikeball Pro Balls.
  • 1 x Ball Pump and Gauge.
  • 1 x Storage Backpack.

Spikeball Rules to Download

Whick Spikeball Kit?