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Sidearm Club Cricket Ball Thrower

by Sidearm
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Changes in materials mean that the Sidearm Club is now the preferred Sidearm ball thrower for the majority of amateur club players. Quicker than ever before but still easy to use and capable of throwing accurate slow deliveries.

The Sidearm Club Cricket Ball Thrower offers quality batting practice, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick, accurate and seaming deliveries with little effort.

Copying all of the rhythms and angles of a real bowler, the Sidearm Club gives the most effective batting practice and is a great tool for cricket coaches to use when coaching junior or senior players.

The Sidearm Club offers outstanding batting practice for players who spend their weekends at the crease playing for the local village team or in the local leagues.

It’s our most versatile Sidearm to date, still capable of slow ‘flick of the wrist’ throwdowns, but now comfortable producing medium-fast swinging and seaming deliveries too.

Its also a great tool for building confidence and getting the body moving. by being fed loads of eminently hittable deliveries. 5 minutes in a net before an important innings and you'll go out to the middle feeling like you're on about 120!

Any coach who uses the Sidearm club for a couple of sessions will soon be able to throw different lengths and lines at will, mixing Yorkers and bouncers to really keep the batsman reacting as they would in a game situation.

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Takes some practice but once got it..a brilliant training assistant