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Regulation Netball Posts - Freestanding, 16MM Ring PAIR

£375.00 ex VAT

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Designed to conform to England Netball regulations and the ideal freestanding option for school use.

Ring height is fully adjustable to 2.44m, 2.75m and 3.05m heights.

16MM tubular ring.

Uprights made from 50MM diameter plated steel with punched ring holes.

Triangular base which does not protrude into the playing court complete with double nylon wheels and rubber pads for floor protection.

Bases manufactured from solid steel bar and constructed so they will not be blown over under normal weather conditions.

Polyester powder coated green.

What is Included

  • 2 Uprights
  • 2 Rings
  • 2 Nets
  • 2 Bases
  • All Bolts & Fixings
  • 1 Set = 2 Goals, 2 Rings, 2 Nets & 2 Bases


Q: Which code do I need to order the spare nets for the NBL-014 netball posts?

A: Ordering the product code NBL-001 will provide the standard Green and Orange pair of nets. However, should you wish to replace all posts with white nets you could order the product code NBL-009 instead.

Q: Which netball posts are most suitable for key stage 2 children practising for High 5 competitions?

A: Our wheel away netball posts (NBL-014) are suitable for key stage 2 children as they can be kept outside and easily moved into position as and when required.

Q: What can you adjust the netball ring to?

A: Our netball ring height can be fully adjusted to 2.5m, 2.75m and 3.05m on the upright.