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Harrod Winched Rugby Post Lifter

£2,245.00 ex VAT

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Designed to enable safe installation and dismantling of Harrod UK rugby posts and is used primarily for Millenium Rugby and Aluminium Rugby Posts.

This new design allows for groundsmen to raise their rugby posts without the need for a tractor or other motorised vehicle. The post is raised using a 650kg winch and 6mm galavanised wire rope, working in conjunction with a pulley system.

A minimum of two people are required for this assembly.


  • Designed so that the use of a tractor or motorised vehicle is not needed.
  • A-Frame dsign consists of 60mm steel box section.
  • Powder coated matte black.


  • Dimensions (post raised) - H 1.79 x W 0.67 x D 1.44 m
  • Dimensions (post lowered) - H 0.62 x W 0.67 x D 3.75 m

Recommended for use with:

  • RUG-020Millennium Rugby Posts - 17m Hinged
  • RUG-021Millennium Rugby Posts - 13.5m Hinged
  • RUG-210Aluminium Rugby Posts - 13m Hinged
  • RUG-211Aluminium Rugby Posts - 11m Hinged
  • RUG-212Aluminium Rugby Posts - 7m Hinged
  • RUG-018No. 1 Steel Rugby Posts - 13m Hinged
  • RUG-019No. 1 Steel Rugby Posts - 11m Hinged
  • RUG-011No. 2 Steel Rugby Posts - 10m Hinged
  • RUG-046Heavy Duty Steel Rugby Posts - 7m Hinged

What is Included

  • Winch Arm Assembly
  • Wheel Arm Assembly
  • Fittings