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Harrod UK Integral Weighted Tennis Posts

£2,595.83 ex VAT

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The Harrod UK Integral Weighted Tennis Posts have been designed as a single solution for all court surfaces.

What is included

  • 2 x Posts (1 Winder, 1 Dummy).
  • 2 x Bases.
  • 2 x Ski Plates.
  • 2 x Rollers.
  • 4 x Cellular Wheels.
  • 24 x Net Clips.
  • All Bolts & Fixings.


  • Detachable front uprights manufactured from 80mm square aluminium.
  • 1.18m wide base frame manufactures from 76mm square aluminium.
  • The rear ballast is electroplated steel with an aluminium tube external housing.
  • The two cellular wheels improves manoeuvrability.
  • The product is powder coated matt black.
  • The Ski Plate and rubber bottom provides grip and protection, spreading the weight of each post thus reducing pressure on the playing surface.
  • Full regulation net height can be achieved.
  • The net attaches to the upright via synthetic net hooks.
  • Heavy duty brass winder and brass pulley wheel.
  • Overall depth of base (i.e. front of ski plate to rear of wheels) is 1503mm. Front of upright to rear of base (rear wheels again) is 854mm.


Total weight 219kg.

Net size 12.8m x 1.07m. Thickness 3.5mm weighted. Colour - black, complete with a white vinyl coated nylon headband and PVC covered headline and winding end.

Additional Information

Tennis post base roller protectors can be purchased separately. Please search on our website for Harrod UK ® Integral Weighted Tennis Base Pad.

NOTE: This is manufactured to replace the TEN-140 & TEN-150 products from our range.