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Gray Nicolls Crown 4 Star Cricket Ball

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Gray Nicolls Crown 4 Star Cricket Ball

Coming in at 156g, the ball is suitable for all men's and women's cricket, performing fantastically at club level. The cricket ball has been hand stitched with high-quality linen that will keep the ball in great shape throughout. Grade 2 cork core has been used, giving the ball a hardness that should last beyond powerplay overs, giving both batters and bowlers something to work with.

The Crown 4 Star ball comes in four-piece construction, which has been designed to aid the bowlers' efforts to swing the ball for longer, crucial for the balance of the game.

A beautiful looking cricket ball, the Grade 2 chrome tanned leather of the Crown 4 Star is stunning, and its look is completed by the lacquer finish that gives the ball a shine – and feel – that bowlers will love. Perfect for your club cricket team, try the Crown 4 Star cricket ball this season.


  • Hand stitched with high quality lining keeping the shape of the ball intact
  • Grade 2 chrome leather promises excellent performance
  • Durable, lightly lacquered finish will allow the ball to last longer and maintain its shine
  • Four piece construction retains shape and the ability to swing
  • Grade 2 cork core keeps the ball hard for longer
  • Soft shell lining

5½ oz Only

Available in red only