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Fastime 24 Stopwatch

by Fastime
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The Fastime 24 stopwatch is an easy to use, single event timer. The robust case fits into the hand, and is both shock and splash resistant. The large single display records the time of the current event. There is a rear battery hatch for swift and simple battery replacement.

The stopwatch times up to 23hr 59m 59sec, showing times to 100th second for the first 9hr 59min 59sec, then showing times at 1 second intervals.   

The Fastime 24 is simple to operate, with Start/Stop buttons on either side and the Reset button in the centre. 
  • Ideal for rugged single event timing and sports games.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Rear battery hatch for easy battery change.
  • Battery:CR2032
  • Size: Length: 80mm, Width: 65mm Depth: 25mm, Digits: 9mm
  • Available Colour: Black
  • Features: Single event stopwatch with time out.