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Cricket Bat Rehandle

£62.50 ex VAT

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Any cricket bat can suffer a broken handle. This is perfectly normal and let us replace your handle to provide a new lease of life to your bat.

We can rehandle any make and model of cricket bat and the price includes a new rubber grip fitted.

Please note that during a rehandle, the existing labels will be damaged and are not replaced. If you require new labels, you will need to source replacements from the manufacturer. If one of our own bats or that of Hunts County Bats we will be happy to also replace labels free of charge.

Martin Berrill Sports, under no circumstance, will put MBS or Hunts County Bats labels on any bats that are brought in for repair that are not genuine MBS or Hunts County Bats.

Please send all bats to us:-

Martin Berrill Cricket & Sports Supplies Ltd

Unit 9/10 Morelands Trading Estate

Bristol Road





All Bat Repairs Must be paid for when leaving the bat with us (not upon collection).

Bat Re-Handles may be expected to take between 14-21 days but may be longer during the cricket season due to higher demand.

We have an outstanding reputation for our bat repair services but we cannot guarantee the longevity of a cricket bat after repair due to the nature of cricket.

We will not be held responsible for the storage of bats after a 3 month period from the date the repair is complete.

Please note that we charge carriage in order to return your repaired cricket bat to you via a secure insured courier service.