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Cricket Bat Knocking In (any Make or Model)

£29.17 ex VAT

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We highly recommend knocking in all new cricket bats. This early preparation will ensure your bat is ready to perform at its optimum level.

We are happy to knock in any make and model of cricket bat for you.

We carry out 4-5 hours knocking in as a minimum and we do so by hand, preferring not to use machine knocking in as this does not reflect the more random nature of a ball striking a bat.

If you have purchased your cricket bat through us we are happy to offer a discount of £5 on this service.

Please send all bats to us:-

Martin Berrill Cricket & Sports Supplies Ltd
Unit 9/10 Morelands Trading Estate
Bristol Road
Gloucester GL1 5RZ

Please note that we charge carriage in order to return your repaired cricket bat to you via a secure insured courier service.

The number of knocks your bat will receive will be recorded. By having your bat knocked in does not guarantee the bat durability or longevity. We are not responsible for damage to the bat during use. Any damage issues to your bat during use should be addresses with the manufacturer or retailer.