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Chem Bolt Anchors

£230.83 ex VAT

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Chem Bolt Anchor rods for use in concrete and tarmac surfaces.

Ground fixing system ideally suited to team shelters

Designed to be installed into a concrete pad

PVC casing for use in tarmac

Hole brush, dust blower and chemical anchoring resin

1 set will anchor two shelters

Complete with 12 pvc casings & 12 M12 x 160mm bolts.

Comes in a set of 12.

What is Included

  • 12 M12 x 160mm Stud & Nut
  • 12 15 x 130mm Nylon Sleeve
  • 12 M12 x 38mm Washer
  • 12 M12 Plain Nut
  • 1 Epoxy Acrylic Resin 300ml
  • 1 Resin Mixer Nozzle (spare)
  • 1 Resin Gun
  • 1 Dust Pump
  • 1 Hole Cleaning Brush
  • 12 M12 Nutcaps - White


Q: How many Chem bolt anchors do I need to purchase to anchor two team shelters down?

A: One set will anchor two shelters. One chem bolt set comes complete with 12 PVC casings for use in tarmac and 12 M12 x 160mm bolts designed to be installed into a concrete pad.