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Bola Bowling Machine Ball

by Bola
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The Bola Bowling Machine Balls are available as dimpled Yellow, Red both in 5oz or lighter Orange 3oz ball.

Bola 3oz Orange Practice Balls. The lighter orange ball is designed to give higher bounce to enable players to practice back foot shots at reduced ball speeds. Players can play hooks and pulls safe in the knowledge that the softer ball will not cause injury. Also used for junior age groups to provide bounce when the BOLA is on it's shorter legs. To get the most out of the balls, you will need to increase the speed and bowl shorter to allow the ball to bounce more than the red/yellow 5oz balls. If you bowl a fuller length delivery at the same speed as when using the red/yellow balls you won’t see any difference in bounce.

The extra bounce is useful for re-creating different batting conditions (such as a fast pitches) so that batters can gain experience of multifarious wickets and  balls are also increasingly popular with coaches for throw downs.