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Aero P3 Strippers V7 - Lower Body Protector

by Aero
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Introducing the P3 Stripper v7.0 incorporating a range of enhanced features that will keep this product at the forefront of the lower body protection market.


  • The V7.0 stripper sets the standard and is the acknowledged leader in lower body protection
  • Protects front and back thighs, hip and buttock
  • New model has re-worked hip and buttock protection, and a larger, better positioned rear thigh pad
  • 3D moulded always stays in place
  • The waistband has two fitting options that enable great fit
  • Integrated design allows natural movement and mobility
  • Easy to use and washable
  • Better moulded foam
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Excellent protection, performance and value

P3 products are designed to unclutter the game. Get rid of heavy, cumbersome, old-style pads that make you waddle between wickets. Using P3s will allow you to play your shots and run properly, enhancing your enjoyment of playing cricket. If you want to feel well protected and gain the confidence to take on the best bowlers in your game, Aero P3 products are the equipment for you.


Measure from from the middle of the knee cap to the top of the hip bone - the strippers have a dual waist adjustment so the most important sizing measurement is the knee to hip bone one, not the waist measurement.

  • XXS 38-42cm
  • XS 43-47cm