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3G Fence Folding Goal - Senior, 3.5M To 5M Proj.

£5,119.13 ex VAT

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Ideal for synthetic surfaces and multi-use games areas designed to fold flush against surrounding fence. Hinged supports allow this goal to fold effortlessly by two people when not in use, allowing space and freedom for other sports.

Fully welded corner joints provide superior strength and added safety.

Fully zinc plated support posts and side supports.

Size: Senior 7.32m x 2.44m

Uprights & Crossbars made from 102mm x 112mm reinforced aluminium.

Anchor posts made from 100mm x 100mm zinc plated steel.

Adjustable telescoping side bars and vertical support bar made from 60mm x 60mm zinc plated steel.

Zinc plated internal steel fixing plate.

Goal frame polyester powder coated white.

Support frame polyester powder green.

What is Included

  • 4 Uprights
  • 2 Crossbars
  • 4 Top Sidebars (2 Left, 2 Right)
  • 4 Bottom Sidebars (2 Left, 2 Right)
  • 4 Support Braces
  • 4 Rollers
  • 4 Projection Adjusters
  • 4 Through Fence Arms
  • 4 Projection Sockets
  • 100 Net Hooks
  • All Bolts & Fixings
  • 1 Set = 2 Goals (with projections), 4 Sockets and 100 Net Hooks


Q: What is the total depth from the front of the goal to the back of the anchor post?

A: The total depth from the front of the goal to the back of the anchor post of the 3G fence folding goal is 593mm

Q: What is the part number of the MK1 Crossbar?

A: The part number for the MK1 Crossbar is the FEQ605.