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The all new Bola Professional 2019 Bowling Machine

The all new Bola Professional 2019 Bowling Machine


We are proud to announce that we now have the all new 2019 model available to use and view in our indoor batting Lane. The latest greatest model with some interesting new features is now available for us.


The new BOLA Professional is a serious step forward on how players and coaches can work more closely together, helping to improve batting performance through the most realistic simulations of real life bowling ever created by us.

The original conceptual brief to provide accurate and consistent batting practice for cricketers of all standards and abilities is still very much alive and evolutionary development for over thirty years has made the newest machines better than ever.

This is particularly true for the 2019 Professional Machine which introduces a completely new Control Panel with ePaper high resolution display. This allows for an expanded display with enhanced functionality and multiple user-definable options

Nye Williams, MD of BOLA discusses the new BOLA Professional and explains why your cricket club can benefit from owning one.

Olly Ralph of BOLA talks you through a number of the great new features of the new BOLA Professional and explains how they benefit both users and cricket coaches.

The new control panel allows users to enhance their training sessions through multiple user-definable variation options.

The 2019 BOLA operator is able to select increments of variation in speed and swing to create competitive practice sessions at the press of a button complimenting the BOLA’s inherent accuracy and consistency which has become legendary for honing batting technique. The new controller also counts and displays the number of balls delivered in a session and the session time as well.

Bola Screen & Options

The images above show the new display including the welcome screen and the option to select ball speed in miles per hour (MPH) or kilometres per hour (KPH). Below is our video illustrating the ePaper Contol Panel.

For more information please see our main website or why not get in touch? For Schools and Clubs locally please feel free to arrange to come and see this all new machine in action at our indoor Batting Lane.

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