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Sidearm - Choose Your Weapon

Sidearm - Choose Your Weapon

Sidearm Club, Pro & Elite - The New Generation.

The Sidearm Range is now bolstered by Three unique and Distinctive Models. All three have been desgned to suit  cricketers of all abilities. Whatever standard and format of cricket you play, the NEW Generation Sidearm can help you become a better batter.

Choose Your weapon

The Club

  • Pace Guide: 40-55mph
  • Suitable For: Young players, adult beginners and those wishing to work on specific shots and aspects of their game.

The Pro

  • Pace Guide: 50-65mph
  • Suitable For: The majority of adult cricketers. Village and club players will be challenged facing the Pro at the top of its pace range. However, the Pro is also perfect for delivering accuracy for shot grooving and repeatable drills.

The Elite

  • Pace Guide: 60-80mph
  • Suitable for: Provides challenge for all cricketers right up to pro level. Great practice for club players honing shots in the middle of the pace range. The all new Elite can also replicate spin bowling rhythms and trajectories when released from the back of the cup.


Sidearm Clu, Pro & Elite

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