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Reasons to Play Rounders in School

Reasons to Play Rounders in School


Rounders may no longer be a formal part of the National Curriculum, but Schools across the UK aren't letting go that easily.

Aresson are the main UK Rounders Brand

There is a reason why, when you ask people about Rounders, that it brings a smile. Revisiting memories of a sport played at school, with friends & with family.

At its basic level, it is a fun, fast team sport that both boys and girls can play whatever their ability, developing core skills in running, batting, throwing, catching and fielding.


At higher skill levels the introduction of good knowledge of the rules leads to strategic and tactical decision making. It’s a great game which is exciting to play and spectate!

Ten Reasons to Play Rounders in School

... and anywhere else for that matter.
  • Rounders is fun

By placing the emphasis on fun, Rounders stands out from other sports and can encourage those least active pupils into physical activity through enjoyment and sociability.

  • Engages all pupils in regular physical activity

A fully inclusive sport, Rounders is a cross-generational, cross gender game that embraces all abilities and fulfills a key indicator within the curriculum.

  • Develops confidence and interest to get involved in exercise

A positive experience and understanding of the long-term health benefits of physical activity will impact on pupils out of school participation and in later life.

  • A tactical and strategic game that requires excellent teamwork

Everyone in the team gets credit. No-one gets singled out and no-one is left unacknowledged. It’s all about teamwork!

  • Rounders shows that commitment yields clear rewards

A variation of the game can be played to encourage participation and allow for teaching differentiation and a clear improvement in performance.

  • Exciting tailored leadership courses and volunteering opportunities for pupils

Through theoretical and practical learning, Rounders Young Leaders Award (RYLA) is tailored to encourage pupils to take on leadership roles that can support the game and physical activity within your school.

  • Opportunity for invigorating friendly competition

Rounders is a high-level competitive sport and, when embraced, can be played at National School Championships and School Games. With four England Squads there are trials for aspiring female players.

  • Rounders is adaptable and can be played both indoor and outdoor

Rounders can be played all year round, broadening pupil’s experiences and introducing different rules of the game.

  • Professional development opportunities for all staff teaching PE and sport

Opportunity to increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff through our wide range of courses, resources and support to all our education members to help create the very best Rounders experience possible.

  • Playing, masters fundamental movement skills

With batting, striking, running and catching, Rounders permits pupils to read their environment and make appropriate decisions, allowing them to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations.

Here at Martin Berrill Sports, we are proud to work alongside the Aresson UK Brand and their owners. Our school customers love Rounders and we are keen to spread the word about this wonderful sport and fun activity.

Whether its played competitively in school, for fun in the local park or with family on the seaside beach, Rounders will always bring a smile to faces of young and old alike.

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