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Ladies Boob Armour - PROTECT THE BREASTS

Ladies Boob Armour - PROTECT THE BREASTS

How often do you check yourself for lumps and bumps? 

SO many of us - Males and Females - Neglect this! 

It is vital that we prioritise regular checking so if something isn't quite right we can have it seen to, sooner rather than later. 

On this subject, I would like to introduce you all to a new product on our Website: BOOB ARMOUR

As a mother of two girls, I want to ensure that my children are aware of what they need to be doing in order to keep themselves not only safe whilst participating in sports BUT to also prevent any future issues. 

The increased number and visibility of female athletes as role models are successfully breaking stereotypes and empowering women and girls to be fit and active. It’s a great time for female sport.


We need to ensure that protection is being worn whilst participating in sports. 

Boob Armour is designed to protect breasts and prevent injury for women & girls playing contact, impact & ball sports such as football, basketball, netball, rugby, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, martial arts & the list goes on…

How Can Boob Armour Help?

  • Boob Armour® inserts are made from soft but strong polyethylene
  • Protects breasts from all impact
  • Supports & encapsulates breasts for long term breast health
  • Only 2mm thick & weighing approx 15gm each insert
  • Fits into a favourite sports bra or crop top
  • Absorbs impact therefore prevents injury
  • Alleviates long term breast trauma
  • Fashionable colours & marketing

44 - 72% of women have reported experiencing exercise-induced breast pain when they participate in sports and exercise.

That's not only a HUGE percentage but also a HUGE issue. 

Any impact or Trauma to breasts can lead to other complications and illnesses so we NEED to do all we can to protect our females in sport. 

Whether you participate in sports yourself, teach, train, coach, instruct or know of ANY females and girls in sports, please spread the word and encourage them to protect themselves to save any future worries and illnesses. 

If you are reading this and you are around females or young girls participating in sports PLEASE make this a MUST SHARE with them and their families. 

Make them aware of the importance of this. Just as we tell the boys & men to protect themselves with a box (for example) whilst they are playing cricket. 


Open the conversation about checking our bodies & teach them how to look after those bodies.


For more information please get in touch with a member of our team OR head to the website using the link below so you can read more about how Boob Armour can help you or someone you know.

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