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Cricket Bat Repairs - Updated Price List (1st July 2023)

Cricket Bat Repairs - Updated Price List (1st July 2023)

We offer a range of cricket bat repair services on any make or model of cricket bat.

From a cosmetic tidy up through to full refurbishment we can make your old cricket bat look as good as new again. We can provide a wide range of bat repair services including :

  • Re-Handle
  • Split Toe Repair
  • Cracked Edges
  • Clean up (including sanding and re-grip)
  • Bat modification (e.g. weight reduction, re-balance)
  • Ready to play’ (Oil and knocking-in)

Download our price list Here and then let us work our magic on your bat.

All Bat Repairs Must be paid for when leaving the bat with us (not upon collection).

Repairs may be expected to take between 7-14 days but may be longer during the cricket season due to higher demand.

We have an outstanding reputation for our bat repair services but we cannot guarantee the longevity of a cricket bat after repair due to the nature of cricket.

We will not be held responsible for the storage of bats after a 3 month period from the date the repair is complete.

Cricket Bat Repair Price List - from 1st July 2023
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