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Bat Grip Challenge

Bat Grip Challenge

We saw a post from our friends and colleagues at Gray Nicolls Australia.

Craig at Gray-Nicolls was challenged to put on a new bat grip as quickly as possible...and the results were pretty incredible. He managed the feat in just 19 seconds.

Here at Martin Berrill Sports, we like to think we know a thing or two about cricket bats, making them, repairing them and of course re-gripping them.

Therefore we challenged Jon, our in-house bat technician and coach to see if he could do better.

Job done and Bat Grip fitted properly in just 12 seconds!!

Challenge on and we welcome anyone to share their attempts with is here or on Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps one of the other manufacturers can do better?

We still think Jon can squeeze a bit more time off his 12 second record, so watch out for more attempts and perhaps even the Bat Grip Blindfold Challenge?!

Link Below to our friends at Gray Nicolls Australia who started this!

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