• Model: HU-TENPLA

Tennis Playmaker Machine. PLAYMAKER WITH REMOTE, battery operated, ball speed varies from 18-70mph, variable topspin/underspin, ball interval from 2-10 seconds, deliveries can vary in depth, 6 button remote has a range of 90 feet (27m), ball hopper holds 300 balls.

Ball speed - can be pre-set at any speed from 18 to 70mph. Top speed cannot be achieved when spin is applied (on touch sensitive button with LED display)
Ball interval - can be pre-set at any interval from 2 to 10 seconds (on LED display)
Ball elevation - can be pre-set at any fixed angle from 6 to 30 degrees
Ball direction – variable and 2-line oscillating functions or any fixed direction
Ball spin - can be pre-set to give medium topspin through to no spin through to medium underspin (if the spin setting is changed it will automatically change the overall speed up or down)
Oscillator - continual (a) side to side and/or (b) up and down repetitive sweep movement to a (a) variable (operator set) depth or (b) random depth, at variable (operator set) oscillating-speed from minimum to maximum parameters.
2 line facility - offers continual, single, alternate forehand and backhand feed of the same shot to either side of court centre within variable (operator set) widths/depths from minimum to maximum parameters
Ball hopper capacity - 300 balls
Remote control – 4 button, 6 function hand-held transmitter turns ball feed on/off, turns horizontal oscillator on/off only
Range - 90ft (27m)
Power supply – 1 x 12V 20AH rechargeable battery
Charger – smart 6A battery charger
Battery running time – approx. 2 hours continuous use, up to 4 hours court time
Construction - black heavy duty plastic case, reversible black hopper, telescopic towing handle
Suitable for - beginners to advanced players

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