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Sports Lite Portable Floodlights - (Set of Six)

$3,186.67 ex VAT

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Sports Lite Training Kit - Six Units

Sports Lite training kits offer schools and clubs a fast, affordable solution for winter training. Silent operation, no trailing cables, battery pack with up to 2 hours 20 minutes duration on a single charge. Lights can be set up anywhere, on all types of pitches, quickly and easily.

Using advanced optical lens design the Sports-LITE optimises all available light to maximise the useable light on the playing surface. This also gives the benefit of very low light spill (light pollution) and gives the best performing product on the market.


  • Lithium Battery Pack. No Cables
  • Lightweight and Compact to store
  • Optimised Optical Lensing for Sports
  • Safe. Soft Descent Anti-Trap Tripod
  • Up to 2 hours 20 duration on a single full charge
  • Silent Operation. No Mains or Generator required
  • Free Carriage Included

Key Features

  • Unique lensing optimised for 60m x 40m sports playing surface
  • Stable to 25mph winds. No extra tie downs required
  • Quick & simple deployment by one person in under 1 minute per light
  • Safe silent operation. No trip hazards. No trap hazards. No noise. No maintenance
  • Compact to store and transport. Only 9.6kg per kit. Easy to fit a full set in a car boot
  • Multiple kit options for all budgets and training requirements

Technical Details

  • IP65 Waterproof
  • 5700K Cool White LED Lght
  • Weight of Tripod & Light Head is just 9.6KG
  • Maximum Height of 3m
  • Maximum Footprint of 1350mm