Woodmancote CC Velocity Sweater

Woodmancote CC Velocity Sweater. Complete with club logo. Composition: 100% Polyester. Lightweight bonded fabric with fleece inner.

Sport-specific fabrics, which will allow the garment to move naturally with the body even during the most strenuous of activities.

This versatile fabric is able to provide warmth without weight. V-neck design to be worn comfortably with collared shirt.

Sizing:      5-6 Yrs 7-8 Yrs 9-10 Yrs 11-12 Yrs     XXS   XS      S   M    L     XL  XXL   XXXL

inches       23      25½      28        30¾            34    36½      38  40  41½ 43 44½  46

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