St Philips North CC Black Storm Fleece

St Philips North CC Black Storm Fleece.

Giving you technology and performance ,all these items have been developed with care and consideration for every area of the sport. 

Composition: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane 

• Sport-specific fabrics that feature stretch, which will allow the garment to move naturally with the body even during the most strenuous of activities. 

• Stretch fleece is one of the most versatile fabrics for sports clothing thanks to its ability to provide warmth without weight 

• High collar and long sleeves make sure all of the areas you need covered, quickly, are protected from the cold. 

Sizes XS - XXL

Sizing:    XS     S   M    L     XL    XXL

inches   36½  38  40 41½   43  44½

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