Kookaburra Fever Max Cricket Bat 2018
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Kookaburra Fever Max Cricket Bat 2018

2018 see's the introduction of something completely different, with style guides going out of the window. Fever has been conceived for impact, both in appearance and profile. Unashamed graphics are the concept of change, whilst the unique and full profile provides all of the armoury for the aesthetics

Premium Grade 4 Unbleached English Willow, fitted with a non-oil armoutec' facing sheet

Sweet Spot - Mid Blade (220 - 240mm from toe) Kookaburra bats are all engineered to maximise the size of the sweet spot, by optimising the edge, spine and scallop profiles.

Edge Profile - Slightly Rounded (36 - 40mm) Explosive - a heavyweight profile designed to maximise the specifications of the new MCC Law 5. Ideal for the destructive player who would prefer to hit the ball out of the ground rather than along it!

Face Profile - 'Dynamic Power' Slightly Rounded. Kookaburra's Rounded Face profile is generally favoured by the more traditional player. The rounded face provides a refined direction of power throughout the hitting zone, but yields a slightly less imposing yet

Handle - Oval. Kookaburra handles utilise multiple pieces of specially selected cane to enhance strength. This reinforces the bond between handle and blade thus maximising durability and power transfer

Grip - Snake

Weight - 2lbs 12oz – 3lbs 

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