Kookaburra 1500 Wicket Keeping Gloves 2018
139.99 111.99

Kookaburra 1500 Wicket Keeping Gloves 2018

  • Premium Analine sheep leather
  • Kookaburra catching cup
  • Kookaburra Tri-grip
  • Tri K-flex back hand support
  • Analine leather finger backs

Sizes: Adult and OSA


Kooka Tri-Grip

Any surface requiring a strong and effective construction depends on triangles to achieve that goal. Brand new for 2018 sees Kookaburra apply this theory to logic, by creating the new Kooka Tri-Grip

A myriad of triangular protrusions in the palm increase grip to previously unknown levels, meaning the effects of direction, spin and trajectory on the ball are counteracted upon contact

Furthermore the Tri-Grip also enhances flexibility by generating triangular multi-axis hinges allowing the hand to wrap around the ball effortlessly with that crucial 'soft feel' demaned by #teamkookaburra's elite players

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