• Model: FGRIPC

Our Fitness-Mad superior quality Aluminium Hand Grips are built for ultimate performance and durability.

These hand grip strengtheners provide resistance to help develop muscles and strengthen the forearms, hands, wrists, and fingers. Ideal for improving performance for weight lifting, climbing, tennis and gold, plus they can be used for improving strength for daily activities.

Made from premium grade aluminium for optimum durability, an attractive engraved knurling pattern for anti-slip grip and high quality steel spring.

Choose from 5 different strengths to suit your requirements and to upgrade as you get stronger! 

5 different strengths

  • Extra Light - 30kg
  • Light - 45kg
  • Medium - 60kg
  • Strong - 90kg
  • Extra Strong - 110kg

Product details:

  • Perfect for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, as well as general hand grip strength improvement
  • Material - Aluminium grip with steel spring

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