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Tye4 is a sleek, wearable resistance system designed to assist alignment and correct biomechanics. The striking blue bungees add up to  an effective almost 12Kg (25lbs) of resistance, which can be either supportive or resistive. Tye4 is easy to put on and straightforward to adjust for a comfortable custom fit (for women Tye4 can be worn above or below the breasts ). In under two minutes you can  put on and adjust the Tye4 bungees to suit your body shape and are then ready to get more out of each Pilates exercise whether on the mat, standing or on any of  the apparatus.

Tye4 creates a closed chain movement system through the bungees, which fit comfortably over the feet and on to the hands via one of two hand loops that allow instant resistance changes for the various exercises. The closed chain system means safer exercising as well as  deeper connections, which result from knowing where the body is in space.

Extension and rotation exercises such as the Swan or Twist are facilitated by back crossing the arms bungees and holding them tightly using the second hand loops to support the back torso and assist greater movement.   Standing exercises are  supported by  holding and  pushing  the leg  bungees  outwards with the added benefit of  a lot of  arm work too!!  There are currently 20 individual bungee “wraps” or  variations which work with  all supine, prone, sitting and standing work.

All the wraps and how to use Tye4, both on and off the Pilates apparatus will be covered in workshops starting in Autumn 2012.

Tye4® for Teacher Training:

It's crucial for teachers in training to feel the oppositional movements and tiny connections of this complex method. If they can't feel the internal intricacies of Pilates movement, then they're just memorising choreography. Tye4 bungees and bandinf on the outside gets teachers inside their bodies very quickly.

Tye4® for Assisting Clients:

Can't do Teaser? Fearful of falling backwards in Climb a Tree or Standing Splits? These are a few of the assists that make this product work so your clients are instantly happier and more competent.

Tye4® for Post-Rehabilitation:

It's not unusual for teachers to work with clients suffering from an array of injuries and physical weakness. Tye4 provides the support and structure necessary to overcome past injuries and prevent further issues.

Tye4® for Working Out:

The bungees add 40 pounds of possible resistance. Regardless of your level, everyone tones faster and burns more calories in a workout wearing Tye4.

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