• Model: KoachSak

The first bag in the World designed specifically for the modern coach and team. The KoachSak will fit all your equipment in a versatile and hugely practical way.

Frustrated by the lack of bags on the market designed for the coach, here at K we decided to do it ourselves. As former players and in Neil’s case an International coach, we wanted something that we would use trusting that if we liked it you would to.

We wanted it to be a bag which not only fits all the modern equipment but also does so in a way which makes it easy to find specific items and generally make life easier for the coach.

It needs to be practical

It stands vertical for ease of access and incorporating two removable side splints, supports the KoachSak so it will stand whether empty, partially packed or full, a major annoyance to myself.

Incorporating wheels and extendable handle as well as rucksack handles the KoachSak is easily moved no matter the terrain.

It needs to be versatile 

What one coach or team has in their bag may not be the same as the next so we have incorporated zipped and Velcro dividers along with a moveable bat/Sidearm holder so that every coach can easily configure their KoachSak to their own individual needs. We fitted the entire inside of the bag with Velcro so these could be moved to exactly where you want them.

It needs to fit modern equipment.

What does the modern coach have in their bag?

Every coach is different and has their own gadgets and favorites but we resolved that core items could include Katchets, the NEW KatchMax, Multi-stumps or equivalent (with spikes), Skyers or even full size bats, Sidearms, Balls, cones, bibs, baseball mitts, step ladders, bungees etc

To that end we include in every KoachSak a Bat tube, big enough for a bat and a few Sidearms and our own BallSak. Designed to slot into the front of the bag it is large enough for 24 balls and the KoachSak is large enough to fit two side by side, if that is what you require.

It needs to be resilient

Reinforced where it needs to be, the KoachSak is designed for those tricky objects, which have spikes and sharper edges, so as to last and give value for money over the longer term.


  • Rear compartment for Stumps, full size cricket bats or Hockey Stick, Sidearms.
  • Front compartment for Katchets, KatchMax, Skyers, Sidearms, Balls, ancillary items.
  • Zipped divider to combine both main compartments if desired.
  • Velcro divider to alter configuration of front compartment.
  • Separate BallSak included to fit 20-24 balls
  • Large front zipped pocket
  • Two side netting pockets wide enough for A4 clipboard
  • External zipped pocket for phone, keys etc. Situated high up for ease of access.
  • Side splints to insure vertical standing. (These slide into tailored zipped compartment)
  • Reinforced base.
  • Wheels, extendable handle plus rucksack handles for ease of transport.
  • Large finger toggles for easy zip closure.
  • Contrasting zips
  • ​Measures - 90cm x 48cm x 42 cm

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